The last release was a total revamp of user interface which introduced a tabbed-toolbar and all features are now accessible with one click. Today I am excited to announce the 1.5 release of HTML5 Spreadsheet Editor. The new version comes with new features and fixes with a focus on performance. Read release notes on Github.

What’s new?

Insert Cells

The new 1.5 version of HTML5 Spreadsheet Editor allows user to add a cell at any arbitrary location in the sheet. Learn more about inserting cells.

Delete Cells

In version 1.5, the user can delete individual cells too. Learn more about cell deletion.

Adjust Column Width and Row Height

The user is now allowed to update width of columns and height of rows. Learn more.

Clear cell formatting and contents

Sometimes we need to quickly erase things. 1.5 adds a new feature to remove formatting and/or contents of a cell with a single click. Learn more about clearing cells.


In 1.5 version of HTML5 Spreadsheet Editor, we have done many internal changes that significantly improves its performance. Learn more about component structure.

User Interface

There are some UI fixed in 1.5 release. The height of the sheet was annoying and many times resulted in two scrollbars on the right-side of screen. The issue has been fixed.

The user cannot use the scrollbars to scroll up the toolbars. Their position is now fixed. The user can now scroll the cells area only and the toolbars will always remain visible all the time while scrolling.

Download the Source Code

Complete source code of HTML5 Spreadsheet Editor is available on your favorite site.