Aspose.Diagram for .NET logo We are pleased to announce the release of Aspose.Diagram for .NET 3.9.0. This release brings a number of fixes and enhancements that are summarized in this blog post. This release typically deals with hyperlink navigation improvements, but also covers reading user-defined cell values and wrong position problems with the text of shapes.

Connecting Visio Drawings

We already support connecting Microsoft Visio drawing to any other document and web sites using hyperlinks. In the recent past, we noticed a number of queries to do with these features. Our users were facing issues when exporting Microsoft Visio drawings to PDF and HTML formats. Various scenarios were involved like not being able to redirect through shape hyperlinks, the hyperlinks not being preserved in the output document or hyperlinks on shapes losing the URL-parameter. To help with this, we have optimized the hyperlink navigation operations in this latest build.

Other Reading and Layout Improvements

We mentioned at the start that reading the user-defined cell values part has also been improved. We have fixed an issue about being unable to read user-defined cell values from VSD format. One more fix deals with this area when exporting the VSD drawing to VDX format: Shapesheet in the output VDX file was showing zero instead of the complete Guid value. Misplaced shape label problems have also been fixed. The issue occurred when we exported VSDX drawing to the VDX format.

To view a complete list of new features, fixes and enhancements download the new release of Aspose.Diagram for .NET