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We are pleased to announce the new release version of Aspose.Diagram for Java 5.5.0. The recent release version targets export quality and keeps improving with respect to the market trend. The major parts of this release incorporate correct ordering of the Visio diagram pages, applying an appropriate shape border type, restore original colors of the shape and improve avoiding mess form of the shapes. It also covers some error message problems, bug fixes and enhancements lead the best fitted situations.

Please check a list of key fixes that help us improve Aspose.Diagram APIs.

  • Fixed: VSD to PDF conversion, incorrect page number sequence.
  • Fixed: VSD to PDF conversion, solid type border of shapes instead of dash type.
  • Fixed: VSD to PDF conversion, error while opening an output PDF.
  • Fixed: VSD to VDX conversion, shapes turn into messes form.
  • Fixed: Diagram exception occurred while loading VSD file.
  • Fixed: VSD to PDF / HTML conversion, all the shapes have a black background.
  • Fixed: VSDX to PDF conversion, the shapes turn into plain black color.

Aspose.Diagram for Java Resources

The following resources will help you work with Aspose.Diagram for Java:

We hope you’ll enjoy this new release that save time and efforts. The API is quite simple and developers can use it in application easily.