Create Outlook Distribution Lists in Java

Email distribution lists make it possible to send emails to a group of people without writing individual email addresses. You can create a number of lists based on types of people such as official, social, etc. MS Outlook also allows you to make the distribution lists and often you may need to create such lists programmatically. So let’s see how to create and read MS Outlook distribution lists programmatically in Java.

Java API to Create MS Outlook Distribution Lists

Aspose.Email for Java is an amazing API to work with emails. It lets you create, send, and process emails and work with various email clients including MS Outlook. We will use this API to create and read the Outlook distribution lists in this article. You can either download the API or install it using the following Maven configurations.


    <name>Aspose Java API</name>



Create a Distribution List in MS Outlook in Java

MS Outlook uses PST format to store the information about the distribution lists. Let’s see how to create a distribution list in MS Outlook programmatically using Aspose.Email for Java.

The following code sample shows how to create an MS Outlook distribution list in Java.

Read an MS Outlook Distribution List in Java

You can also read an Outlook distribution list and fetch the contacts’ information. The following steps show how to perform this operation.

The following code sample shows how to read an MS Outlook distribution list in Java.

Get a Free API License

You can use Aspose.Email for Java without evaluation limitations by getting a free temporary license.


A distribution list in MS Outlook lets you send an email to a group of people. In this article, you have learned how to create MS Outlook distribution lists in Java. Furthermore, you have seen how to read the Outlook distribution lists programmatically. Besides, you can explore more about the Java email API using the documentation. Also, you can post your questions or queries on our forum.

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