Create Outlook Distribution Lists in Python

MS Outlook allows creating the distribution lists to send emails to multiple people without writing individual email addresses. Furthermore, you can create different lists based on types of people such as official, social, etc. While working with MS Outlook programmatically, you can create and save a distribution list on disk in PST format. This PST file can be loaded and utilized in MS Outlook or from within your application. In this article, you will learn how to create MS Outlook distribution lists in Python.

Python Library to Create MS Outlook Distribution Lists

To create Outlook distribution lists from within Python applications, we will use Aspose.Email for Python via .NET. It is a feature-rich library that lets you create and send emails and work with popular email clients seamlessly. You can install it using the following command.

> pip install Aspose.Email-for-Python-via-NET

(Download a complete package of source code samples from GitHub.)

Create a Distribution List in MS Outlook in Python

Let’s see how to create a distribution list in MS Outlook programmatically using Aspose.Email for Python.

  • First, create string objects to store details of the members.
  • Then, create a PST file using the PersonalStorage.create() method to store the distribution list.
  • After that, make a new folder in PST using PersonalStorage.create_predefined_folder() method and set its name.
  • Then, create a MapiDistributionListMember object for each member and initialize it.
  • Create a new MapiDistributionListMemberCollection object and add members to it.
  • Assign the collection to a MapiDistributionList object.
  • Finally, add a distribution list to the folder of PST using the add_mapi_message_item() method.

The following code sample shows how to create an MS Outlook distribution list in Python.

Get a Free API License

You can use Aspose.Email for Python via .NET by requesting a free temporary license.


The distribution lists in MS Outlook make it easier to send an email to a collection of people. You can create as many lists as required based on the type of recipients. In this article, you have learned how to create MS Outlook distribution lists programmatically in Python. You can simply install Aspose.Email and integrate the provided code sample into your Python applications. In addition, you can explore more about the Python email API using the documentation. Furthermore, you can post your questions on our forum.

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