We, at Aspose, have decided to rename Aspose.Email for Android to Aspose.Email for Android via Java with the upcoming release of the API. One of the reasons for this change is the fact that our Android APIs are ported from our Java APIs and, hence, the name change will give an idea about this relationship.

Aspose.Email for Android currently consists of a subset of functionality from Aspose.Email for Java. Though it hasn’t been enhanced/upgraded for quite long time now, we plan to bring it to the same level of functionality as Aspose.Email for Java and this is the first step towards the achievement of this goal. For end users, this change won’t affect their current applications as we will not change anything else inside the API. You will still be able to:

  • Process MIME messages for reading and saving as different email formats
  • Convert messages to a number of other formats such as EML, EMLx, Outlook MSG and MHTML
  • Creating and formatting appointments
  • Manipulate email headers information
  • Manage email attachments
  • Work with Outlook MSG properties
  • Process a MSG file for Follow up information
  • Work with Outlook Contacts using the API
  • Process Outlook storage files i.e. PST/OST

Will this have any impact on my existing applications?

Absolutely not! As mentioned earlier, this change will not affect any of your applications and they will work as they have been working before. The change is only related to the API’s name and has no other effect whatsoever on user applications.

Important to Know

At present, we have only renamed the Aspose.Email for Android documentation to Aspose.Email for Android via Java. With the passage of time, as we bring the Andoird via Java API at the same level as our Aspose.Email for Java API, we’ll use the Java API documentation for Android via Java as well.

Have Queries?

If you have got any queries or have any concerns about this change or the API itself, feel free to get in touch with us over Aspose.Email forum. We’ll be glad to address your concerns.