XBRL files are used for business reporting purposes including balance sheets, cash flow statements, ledgers, etc. You can easily convert XBRL files to XLSX Excel Sheet as well as iXBRL, which is an inline XBRL file. These output formats are ideal for presenting financial information as structured, human, and machine-readable data. Let us explore XBRL file conversion under the following headings:

XBRL to XLSX or iXBRL File Conversion – C# API Installation

Aspose.Finance for .NET API has been designed to work with financial documents. Every organization involves creating reports to track their financial transactions and information. You can easily configure the API by downloading its DLL file from the Downloads section. Moreover, the API is also available at NuGet gallery so you can use the below installation command in the Package Manager Console of Microsoft Visual Studio IDE.

PM> Install-Package Aspose.Finance

Convert XBRL to XLSX Excel Worksheet Programmatically with C#

XBRL files can exist with .XML as well as .XBRL file extension as they are based on the XML format. In case there is the XML file extension, you can easily identify it with the root tag as . Subsequently, XBRL to XLSX conversion can help to render the information in a more familiar and structured manner. You can convert an XBRL file to XLSX Excel Worksheet with the following steps:

  1. Load input XBRL file
  2. Set SaveOptions for the output file
  3. Convert XBRL file to XLSX Excel Worksheet format

The following code shows how to convert XBRL file to XLSX Excel Worksheet programmatically using C#:

Convert XBRL to iXBRL Programmatically in C#

iXBRL is inline XBRL file format which allows embedding data in HTML file. You can easily convert XBRL to iXBRL with the below steps:

  1. Load input XBRL file as XML format
  2. Specify SaveFormat for the output format
  3. Convert XBRL file to iXBRL file format

The code below explains how to convert XBRL to iXBRL format file programmatically with C#:


In a nutshell, we have learned how to convert XBRL to XLSX Excel Worksheet, as well as XBRL to iXBRL (inline XBRL) programmatically using C# language. Likewise, the API offers several other features that you can explore by visiting the Documentation. You can also write to us via Free Support Forum as we look forward to your feedback, suggestions, and inquiries.

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