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EPUB files are used for publishing purposes on large scale. Publishing of books, brochures, for instance. Moreover, EPUB to PDF conversion is useful for making the file compatible with more system environments and operating systems. Let us explore different use cases related to EPUB to PDF conversion programmatically using Java:

EPUB to PDF Converter – Java API Installation

Aspose.HTML for Java API supports EPUB, PDF, and several other file formats. You can easily convert between different file formats as per your requirements. Let us configure the API quickly either by downloading the JAR file from New Releases section, or via the following configurations related to Aspose Repository:





Convert EPUB to PDF File Programmatically using Java

The following steps show how to convert an EPUB file to a PDF document using Java:

  1. Load input EPUB file.
  2. Initiate PdfSaveOptions class object.
  3. Convert EPUB to PDF file.

The code below elaborates how to convert EPUB to PDF programmatically using Java language:

Convert EPUB to PDF with Encryption and Password Protection in Java

You can password protect and encrypt the PDF files to ensure authorized or restricted access. You can render EPUB to PDF while encrypting the output file with a password. The following are the steps for converting EPUB to PDF file with different protection measures:

  1. Load input EPUB file.
  2. Initialize PdfEncryptionInfo class object.
  3. Convert EPUB to PDF with PdfSaveOptions class.

The code snippet below shows how to convert EPUB to PDF with password protection and encryption using Java language:

EPUB to PDF Conversion with Page Settings Programmatically in Java

You can control different page settings properties while rendering a PDF document. Page size, margin, or background color, and other properties can be set as per your requirements. Please follow the steps below for setting up page related properties while converting an EPUB file to PDF:

  1. Load source EPUB file.
  2. Initialize PdfSaveOptions class object.
  3. Set different page-related properties.
  4. Convert input EPUB to PDF document.

The code below is based on these steps. It shows how to convert EPUB file to PDF format using Java code:


In conclusion, you have explored different use cases related to EPUB to PDF conversion. Furthermore, you have learned how to convert EPUB to password-protected and encrypted PDF files, as well as the manipulation of page size in the output document. You can find many other features of the API by visiting the Documentation. Moreover, please feel free to reach out to us at the Free Support Forum in case of any queries.

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