Convert HTML to GIF in Java Programmatically

This blog post elaborates on a programmatic HTML to image conversion in a Java application. Aspose.HTML for Java is easy to install and very flexible to work with. Moreover, you can opt for this HTML to image API due to its developer-friendly architecture. So, we will implement how to convert HTML to GIF in Java using this Java API developed by Aspose. There is no third-party dependency involved and you can go straight to the implementation right after the installation.

HTML to Image API Installation

This installation guide explains everything related to the installation. However, you may download the JAR file or follow the following Maven configurations:

HTML to Image API Installation

Convert HTML to GIF in Java - Code Sample

The following steps and the code sample demonstrate how to convert HTML to GIF in Java:

  • Initialize the constructor of HTMLDocument class with a source HTML document.
  • Instantiate an instance of the ImageSaveOptions class and pass GIF ImageFormat.
  • Define the output file path.
  • Convert HTML to GIF by invoking the convertHTML method.

You can see the output in the image:

HTML to Image Conversion

HTML to GIF Converter - Online Tool

Aspose.HTML for Java backs an online tool to convert HTML to GIF. Further, this online HTML to GIF converter is web-based and you can use it without creating any account.

html to gif converter

HTML to Image Conversion - Get a Free License

You can get a free temporary license to try this HTML to image API without evaluation limitations.

Summing up

We installed Aspose.HTML for Java, and used its methods to convert HTML to GIF in Java programmatically. In addition, we slightly discussed an online HTML to GIF converter powered by this HTML to image API. However, for more exploration, please visit the documentation, GitHub repo and the API references. So, please stay connected for the coming updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How to turn HTML code into GIF?

Please visit this link for the complete answer along with a code example.

How to convert HTML file to image in Java?

Aspose.HTML for Java offers a powerful API solution as well as an online tool for this HTML to image conversion.

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