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Ebooks are an example of how technology has changed everyday life for us. You can easily read and share ebooks in the form of an EPUB file. However, sometimes you might prefer to convert EPUB to PDF file because of the strengths of PDF file format. For instance, you can digitally sign, encrypt, or password protect a PDF file. In this article, we will convert a file from EPUB to PDF format with the following use cases:

We will be performing all of these conversions using Aspose.HTML for .NET API. You can request for free 30 days trial license to test the API in its full capacity. Moreover, you can configure the API simply by installing it from NuGet gallery. Let us move on to EPUB file conversion scenarios:

Convert EPUB to PDF using C#

You can convert EPUB to PDF by following the steps below:

  1. Load input EPUB file
  2. Initialize an object of PdfSaveOptions Class
  3. Call the ConvertEPUB method

These steps are followed by below code snippet which shows how to convert EPUB to PDF using C#:

Resultantly, the PDF file is created with high quality and high fidelity rendering. Moreover, the size of the generated PDF file is also reasonable. You may compare the following screenshots to compare rendering quality for the files:

Input EPUB File Preview


Output PDF File Preview

Convert EPUB to PDF

You can notice that even minor details are noticeable in both the files. Therefore, it speaks volumes about the capabilities of exporting EPUB to a PDF file with Aspose.HTML for .NET API.

Convert EPUB to PDF with Password Protection using C#

We have already learned the basic conversion of EPUB file to PDF. Let us proceed to export EPUB to a password-protected and encrypted PDF document. You need to follow the steps below to set up encryption with user and owner password for the output PDF document:

  1. Load input EPUB file
  2. Initialize PdfEncryptionInfo object with necessary parameters
  3. Instantiate object of PdfSaveOptions Class
  4. Convert from EPUB to PDF

Below code snippet converts EPUB to PDF with specified Encryption routine and respective passwords.

The screenshot below displays different properties of PDF document as we have set in the code. Respective properties have been marked on this screenshot, for your convenience.

Convert EPUB to PDF with Page Setup using C#

First of all, the page setup term here is referring to setting up page size, page margin, and background color. Aspose.HTML for .NET API gives you total control on the file conversion process. You can specify the output requirements for the PDF document as per your requirements. In this example, we will be setting up some page related properties by following the steps below:

  1. Load input EPUB file
  2. Instantiate PdfSaveOptions object
  3. Set page size and page margin
  4. Set the background color of pages
  5. Convert to a PDF file

Following code snippet shows how to convert EPUB to PDF using C#, which is based on the steps listed above:


We have learned different possibilities of converting EPUB to PDF documents. These use cases can be helpful for securing Ebooks because their online presence will become more secured because neither the encrypted PDF files nor their metadata will be accessible to the search engines in any way. There could be many other advantages as well which may need the conversion of EPUB file format.

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