Merge HTML Template C#

HTML templates are used to collect data from different data sources. After merging the data with the template, you can create HTML documents. In some scenarios, the input data for merging with template files may exist in JSON format. In accordance with such use cases, this article covers how to merge HTML templates with JSON format data programmatically in C#.

HTML Template Merger with JSON – C# API Installation

Aspose.HTML for .NET API is designed to create or manipulate HTML files and other relevant file formats including SVG, MHT, etc. You can easily access the API by downloading the DLL files from the New Releases section or running the following NuGet installation command in Microsoft Visual Studio IDE:

PM> Install-Package Aspose.Html

How to Merge Template with JSON Data in C#

You can merge a template of a webpage with JSON formatted data by following the steps below:

  1. Load the HTML template document and input JSON data.
  2. Specify file paths and merge the template with JSON format data.

The next section is based on this algorithm which summarizes the whole process in addition to a sample code snippet.

Merge HTML Template with JSON Data in C#

You can merge HTML templates with data from JSON sources by following the steps below:

  1. Initialize HTMLDocument class object to load the template HTML file.
  2. Load the JSON file to populate the data.
  3. Merge the HTML template with JSON data with the ConvertTemplate method.

The following code snippet demonstrates how to merge the HTML template with JSON data programmatically in C#:

Explore Aspose.HTML for .NET

You may visit the documentation space to check various chapters covering different features supported by the API.

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In this article, you have explored how to merge an HTML template with JSON data programmatically in C#. Moreover, the API provides inline expression syntax to work with different HTML templates or data sources in your applications. In case you need to discuss any of your requirements or queries, please write us via forum.

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