Aspose.Html for .NET Logo Since the first release of Aspose.Html for .NET, the product team has been working hard to introduce more exiting features and improvements, so that our customers can take full benefit of our API. Since it is a native API for HTML files creation and manipulation, so majority of the improvements are around manipulation of HTML file at elements level and the rendering of HTML files to supportive output formats.

Improved inter file conversion

Aspose.Html for .NET supports the feature to read ePUB documents and you get the option to render output in HTML or even in PDF format. During our testing, we observed some scenarios where ePUB to PDF conversion introduced some problems related to Links present inside the document. However in recent release versions, we have made improvements regarding ePUB to PDF conversion in all such scenarios. Furthermore, there have been some complex files where HTML to PDF conversion encountered formatting issues but the team has really worked hard to cater all such complex scenarios and related issues are resolved.

Apart from Bug fixes, we have also made an enhancement in API where the algorithm to create formatting context is enhanced to process relative elements and now the new behavior of API is adjusted according to W3C specification. The above mentioned improvements and enhancements are few to be mentioned but internally, we have been working on improving the API to make it robust enough to deal with majority of HTML formats. Please keep using our API and share your valuable feedback which is very much essential in improving our APIs as it helps us to align our objectives as per your expectations. In fact your feedback is our food for thought and together we can work to build a more capable and reliable API for HTML and related formats manipulation.

Miscellaneous Resources

Please visit the following links for information regarding Aspose.Html for .NET 17.9 and Release Notes section.