Convert HEIC images

Using Aspose.Imaging Adapter to convert HEIC images

iOS devices commonly utilize the HEIC image format as the default, designed as a successor to JPEG. HEIC is a container format within the HEIF (High Efficiency Image File Format) framework, storing images encoded using the HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) codec. For reading such images, the .NET (C#) ecosystem offers an open library named Openize.HEIC, available under Openize license, capable of decoding HEIC images into bitmaps.

Leveraging the another Aspose.Imaging library HEIC Adapter for .NET enables the conversion of HEIC files into various popular image formats supported by Aspose.Imaging graphic library, including JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG, TIFF, WEBP, and more. This functionality enables seamless image transfer from devices like iPhones to PCs, facilitating further processing and conversion of HEIC images to other formats.

Aspose.Imaging for .NET graphic library

Aspose.Imaging for .NET stands as a robust graphic library, serving to image processing needs across a diverse spectrum of raster and vector image formats. This comprehensive functionality facilitates a multitude of image manipulation and editing tasks, including cropping, resizing, flipping, rotating, background removal, merging images, and applying various image filters such as blur, sharpen, and smoothing. Moreover, it offers transformative capabilities like grayscale transformation, binarization, and dithering, alongside adjustments for color gamma, brightness, and contrast.

Additionally, Aspose.Imaging empowers users to seamlessly convert images and photos between a wide array of image file formats. For comprehensive guidance and insights into leveraging this library effectively, developers can refer to the comprehensive Aspose documentation site, featuring developer guides and tips.

Install Aspose.Imaging HEIC Adapter using Nuget package manager.

Openize.HEIC for .NET open-source library

Openize.Heic for .NET open-source library

The open-source library Opeize.HEIC is crafted entirely in C# from scratch, tailored for the .NET platform. You can employ the library on any platform with .NET availability. It supports static images encoded with I-slices and various chroma sub-sampling ratios: 4:2:0, 4:2:2, and 4:4:4. Additionally, it can handle HEIC-coded animations. Furthermore, the library enables processing of multiple images in a file with an alpha channel and offers color correction with embedded color profiles.

Install it now for free via the NuGet package manager.

Convert HEIC to JPEG via C#

Due to the Aspose.Imaging HEIC Adapter it is possible to combine Aspose.Imaging library with Openize.HEIC and maximize the potential of both libraries to seamlessly decode HEIC images, converting them into popular formats like JPG and PNG. Unlock a world of possibilities with this adapter, enabling effortless transfer of iPhone photos to PC for convenient editing and sharing.

Check out this C# code snippet demonstrating how to convert HEIC to JPEG by following steps: load a HEIC image from a file, decode it into a bitmap, and then save it as a JPEG.


HEIC Adapter for Aspose.Imaging library streamlines the process of creating your own image editing application or web service to convert HEIC to JPG or other image formats.

Feel free to download the source code of the Openize.HEIC library and utilize it in compliance with the license terms. Moreover, you’re welcome to contribute to its development and become a contributor to the Openize.HEIC-for-.NET on the GitHub platform.