About Techior Solutions

Techior Solutions Pvt. Ltd. company has been developing software for the education sector for the last 10 years. The software helps academic institutions manage their question banks easily. The online test engine software helps the institution provide online test series.


At Techior Solutions Pvt Ltd., we developed a web-based Question Paper Generator software for teachers using Java technology. Teachers have been able to create a question bank repository based on hierarchy and then use certain criteria to generate random tests that they can export to document. The software helped in reducing the efforts significantly. Unfortunately, we stumbled upon a problem where the equations created in Math Type were not imported using Java code. We tried several open source and paid products. Most of our customers were wanting to use the software for academic purposes where Math type equations were used widely. We developed a workaround where our user needed to convert equations to images with small offline utility, and then they uploaded the document for importing into the question bank. This was a tedious task and the user used to forget the step which resulted in erroneous data.


Finally, when we tried Aspose.Imaging for Java that helped us convert word Math Type equations to images through our Java program and users did not have to follow any workaround. The Aspose technical support team helped us ironed out some issues for image background and clarity about converted images. Thank you Aspose.

Importing questions from Word document is now very simple.

Mockup for importing questions into Word document

Image 1:- Importing Question Bank from Word document

Layout for test generation from question bank

Image 2:- Generate Test from Imported Question bank


We looked at some products that were available for FREE but they did not solve the issue of converting Math Type equations to images for the web. Finally, we tried Aspose.Imaging for Java and we were able to convert equations to images. Initially, the images had a grey background and it created a problem for us and therefore, we took the help of Aspose technical support. They helped us solve all our issues and helped us run the software to perfection. The implementation took two weeks and our product became ready for the market. We are hoping to reach out to our customers worldwide.

Next Steps

We have also evaluated other software from Aspose like Aspose.Word for Java and Aspose.OCR for Java for their integration to our software, in the coming months.


Overall the Aspose.Imaging for Java software solved our main show stopper of converting equations to images without which we could not have released our web-based Question Paper Generator. Thank you for timely support.

Avinash Moharil, Director,
Techior Solutions Pvt. Ltd.