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January 2020

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Product News

Product News

Product News

Aspose.SVG for .NET is coming soon

Aspose.SVG for .NET is about to be released. We have researched many dimensions and strengths of SVG file format and then desiged the API to satisfy almost all of your needs. The Document Object Model of Aspose.SVG for .NET API is completely in line with SVG specifications. It will be a feature rich API that will allow loading, saving as well as converting SVG files as per your requirements. Reading or traversing the elements of SVG file will also be possible. Read more details here.

Aspose.Page - coming soon for C++

Aspose.Page has been available for .NET and Java Platforms and we are honored to announce its upcoming release for C++ Platform. First version of the API will offer almost all of the features which Aspose.Page for .NET and Java have been offering. So, you will be able to create, read, edit and save the XPS documents as well as convert XPS, PS and EPS documents to PDF or raster images. Read more details here.

Work with PSB file format with Aspose.PSD

Aspose.PSD now supports the PSB file format. The PSB (Photoshop Big file) is an Adobe Photoshop Large Document file. Only a few users of Adobe Photoshop know about the existence of the PSB file format but all are familiar with the PSD file format. The PSB format is similar to PSD format except that PSB supports larger files, both in image dimension and overall size. Read more details here.

Aspose.Words now supports conversion to PDF 1.7 standard

A big milestone has been reached by Aspose.Words � conversion to PDF 1.7 standard is now supported and has become the main (default) format for output PDF files. In the future, it should allow embedding OpenType fonts into PDF. Read more details here.

Format Sunburst or Treemap charts with Aspose.Slides for Java

The Sunburst charts are used to visually represent the hierarchical data structures in the form of multiple rings where each ring represents a level in the hierarchy. The Treemap is another type of chart to represent the hierarchical data to compare proportions within the hierarchy. Aspose.Slides for Java provides an easy ways to create Sunburst and Treemap charts in PowerPoint presentations in Java. Read more details here.

Cross-references in documents are used to refer the reader to some other part or objects such as graphs, charts or figures in the document. The PDF format allows inserting the cross-references in the documents to navigate the user to the referenced content. Similarly, hyperlinks are also used to take the reader to a particular destination inside or outside the document. Aspose.PDF for .NET supports converting PDF to Word (DOC, DOCX) formats with hyperlinks and cross-references in the converted Word documents. Read more details here.

Resize SVG files and track document conversion progress with Aspose.Imaging

Some times, you work with large image files and when rendering such files to other formats, there is a long wait depending on the size of the files. In such cases, it is very helpful if you can track the progress and show some status to the end user. Resizing SVG files is another important feature to let you set the desired dimensions for your SVG files. Aspose.Imaging supports both of these features. Read more details here.

From the Library

From the Library

From the Library

Code Example: Copy VBA Macros from one Word Document to another with Aspose.Words for Java

Macros in a Word document are written in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) to automate the frequently used tasks. MS Word macros contain a set of code statements that are executed when a particular button in the toolbar is clicked or a combination of keys is pressed. There could be the case when you need to clone VBA modules or the whole VBA project to copy Word macros from one document to another programmatically. In order to make it possible, we have added deepClone() method to VABModule and VBAProject classes to copy Word macros from a particular VBA module or project. Read more details here.

Code Example: Fetch OData Connection information with Aspose.Cells for Java

OData can be used to get the feed or data from a RESTful API which can be used in an Excel file as well. This information can be retrieved from the Excel file using Aspose.Cells API using DataMashup class of Workbook. Get the desired information from PowerQueryFormulas property having PowerQueryFormula and PowerQueryFormulaItem. Read more details here.

Code Example: Font subsets optimization with Aspose.PDF for .NET

Aspose.PDF for .NET allows embedding fonts to the PDF documents. The font can be embedded completely or as a subset of the font. However, in some cases, you may want to optimize the fonts by reducing the fully embedded font set to only subsets that are used in the PDF document. In the latest release, we have provided the optimization options to tune the font subset strategies using the SubsetFonts method. Read more details here.

Code Example: Memory optimization for JPEG 2000 and DjVu images with Aspose.Imaging for .NET

Aspose.Imaging for .NET and Java APIs support working with JPEG 2000 images. In order to optimize memory consumption when loading and saving JPEG 2000 images, you can define the memory optimization strategy and limit the memory buffer size to be used using BufferSizeHint property in Jpeg2000Options class. You can also load a DjVu image and perform the conversion from DjVu to raster image formats such as TIFF, PNG, etc. Similar to JEPG 2000 images, you can optimize memory utilization when loading a DjVu image. Read more details here.




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