Combine OneNote Java

You can organize notes in the form of digital notebooks by creating OneNote files. You can also compose some ideas by merging the notebook files. In accordance with such use cases, this article covers how to combine OneNote .one files programmatically in Java.

OneNote .one Notebook Merger – Java API Installation

You can combine different OneNote notebooks into a single file using Aspose.Note for Java API. You can choose to create the output file in Notebook or PDF file format. Simply download the JAR files from the New Releases section or use the Maven configurations below in the pom.xml file of the project:


        <name>Aspose Java API</name>



Combine OneNote .one Files into a Notebook in Java

You can easily combine multiple notebooks into a single notebook with the following steps:

  1. Create the instances of the Document class to load the source and destination files.
  2. Clone the pages by looping through each page in the collection.
  3. Update the destination notebook by appending the pages.
  4. Export the output OneNote document.

The following code snippet explains how to combine OneNote files into a single Notebook programmatically in Java:

Combine OneNote .one Files into a PDF Document in Java

The API lets you export the combination of OneNote files as a PDF file with the following steps:

  1. Use the Document class to load the input OneNote notebooks.
  2. Clone each of the page by cloning its contents.
  3. Add the pages to the destination notebook.
  4. Render the generated file as a PDF format file.

The code sample below demonstrates how to combine different OneNote notebook files as a single PDF file programmatically in Java:

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In conclusion, you have understood with examples how to combine different OneNote files as a single onenote notebook or a PDF file programmatically using Java. Furthermore, you may take a look at the documentation space to understand other features offered by the API. Please write to us at the forum if you need to discuss any query or concern.

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