OneNote .one to Word DOCX

You may need to convert a OneNote file (.one) to a word document as a DOCX or DOC file. This article covers how to perform this conversion with high fidelity and efficiency:

OneNote .one File to Word DOCX Converter – C# API Installation

Converting a OneNote file to a Word DOCX file is a two-step process. Firstly, you need to convert the .one file to a PDF file with Aspose.Note for .NET API. Then you can export the PDF file to a DOCX document with Aspose.PDF for .NET API. Please download the DLL files from the New Releases section, or use the following NuGet installation commands:

PM> Install-Package Aspose.Note  
PM> Install-Package Aspose.PDF

Convert OneNote .one File to Word DOCX or DOC file in C#

You can convert a OneNote .one file to Word DOCX or DOC document with the following steps:

  1. Initialize an instance of MemoryStream class.
  2. Load the OneNote .one file using the Document class.
  3. Export the .one file as PDF.
  4. Load the file using Aspose.PDF Document class.
  5. Convert the OneNote .one file as Word DOCX document.

The following code shows how to convert a OneNote .one file to DOCX or DOC Word Document with C#:

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In conclusion, you have learned how to convert a Microsoft OneNote .one file to a Word document as DOCX or DOC file programmatically using C#. You can incorporate this feature in any .NET-based application and convert documents with high fidelity. Furthermore, you may visit the Documentation to explore other features of the API. Please feel free to reach out to us at the Free Support Forum in case of any queries.

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