OneNote to XLSX or XLS Java

OneNote files are helpful to get things organized. You can keep text, images, tables, or any other information to record information to be shared with colleagues or peers. In some scenarios, you might want to convert a OneNote .one file to an XLSX or XLS workbook. In accordance with such requirements, this article covers how to convert a Microsoft OneNote .one file to XLSX or XLS format programmatically in Java.

OneNote .one Notebook to XLSX or XLS Converter – Java API Installation

You can convert a OneNote Notebook to an XLSX or XLS file in two different steps. First of all, convert the .one file to a PDF file with Aspose.Note for Java API. In the next step, render the output PDF document to XLSX or XLS file with Aspose.PDF for Java API. Whereas, you can easily download the JAR files from the New Releases section or with the following Maven configurations in pom.xml file of your application:


        <name>Aspose Java API</name>




Convert OneNote .one Notebook to XLSX or XLS File in Java

You can render a OneNote .one format file to an XLSX or XLS file by following the steps below:

  1. Create an instance of ByteArrayOutputStream class.
  2. Initialize an object of the Document class to load the input OneNote file.
  3. Render the file as a PDF document with the save method.
  4. Load the generated PDF file using the Document class.
  5. Write the OneNote .one Notebook as an XLSX or XLS file.

The code snippet below explains how to convert a OneNote .one Notebook to an XLSX or XLS file in Java:

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In conclusion, you have understood how to convert a OneNote .one format file to an XLSX or XLS format file programmatically in Java. This will enable you to process the numeric data present in the Notebook. Moreover, please go through the documentation section to explore several other file manipulation APIs supported for processing data. In case you have any doubts or ambiguities, please feel free to reach out to us at forum.

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