We are pleased to announce the new release version of Aspose.Note for .NET 1.8.0. From this new release version, users can now retrieve EMF image content from the source OneNote document. They can also add tags to attach files, tables or images and then save the document to .ONE format. Besides this, the performance of text drawing features and OneNote to PDF export operation have also been improved. Many other bug fixes, enhancements are included based on our clients feedback.

Get EMF Image Content from the OneNote Document

Aspose.Note for .NET APIs allow developers to filter out the image nodes and then save them into the separate stream objects or files on the local space. Previously, Image.Bytes property was not dependent on the Image.Extension property, but now we have added support to fit the bytes array to extension. The Image.Bytes property now returns the content of the EMF image.

Add Tags to Attached Files, Tables or Images and Save in .ONE Format

In the earlier versions of Aspose.Note APIs, users were able to add tags to attach files, tables and images, and then save it in the PDF format. This release version allows to preserve these tags in the resultant OneNote format. So in short, users can now add tags and then save it in the .ONE format.

Performance Improvements in Aspose.Note APIs

We are constantly tweaking all possible areas of Aspose.Note APIs to improve its overall performance. Using the recent release of Aspose.Note, there have been numerous execution upgrades. The major one is the algorithm for text drawing, especially during text wrapping. The export of a OneNote file with text and image nodes have been improved. Please check a list of newly added features, defect fixes and enhancements:

  • Fixed: Add support for EMF images.

  • Fixed: Add support to get metadata under the picture layer.

  • Fixed: Add support to save tags in *.one format.

  • Fixed: Improve performance of the text drawing.

  • Fixed: Improve performance of the PDF export.

  • Fixed: No support for EMF images in MS OneNote document.

Aspose.Note for .NET Resources

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