Print OneNote .one Notebook

OneNote notebooks are commonly used to keep important notes. You may need to print your notes on paper for some reason. In this article, you will learn how to print the OneNote Notebook files in your Java applications.

OneNote Notebook Printer – Java API Installation

Aspose.Note for Java API supports creating and manipulating .one files programmatically. You only need to make simple method calls and the API takes care of minor details. So please configure the API by downloading the JAR file from the Downloads section, or use the below details in the pom.exe file of your Maven-based project:


        <name>Aspose Java API</name>



Print OneNote Notebook .one File Programmatically using Java

Considering the basic case of printing .one files, you can print a OneNote file with a couple of lines of code. You need to follow the steps below for printing a .one format file:

  1. Load input OneNote file with the Document constructor.
  2. Print the OneNote document with the print method.

The following code shows how to print the OneNote .one Notebook programmatically in Java:

Print OneNote Notebook .one File with Advanced Options in Java

Moving another step further, you can set advanced options to customize the printing of the OneNote Notebook .one file, as per your requirements. Please follow the steps below for printing .one format file with advanced options:

  1. Firstly, load the input OneNote file with the Document class.
  2. Specify page range and printer name.
  3. Finally, call the print() method to print the file.

The code below explains how to print OneNote file programmatically with Java:

Print OneNote .one File to a Virtual Printer with Java

A virtual printer is an application that replicates a software interface like a physical printer. You can configure printing with a virtual printer with the below steps:

  1. Load input OneNote file.
  2. Specify the virtual printer and properties.
  3. Set printer settings with DocumentPrintAttributeSet.
  4. Finally, print the OneNote file to virtual printer.

The following code demonstrates how to print OneNote .one file programmatically to a Virtual Printer using Java:

Get Free Evaluation License

You can request a Free Temporary License for evaluating the API without any limitations.


In conclusion, you have learned how to print a OneNote Notebook .one file programmatically in your Java applications. You have explored different use cases that vary based on different requirements. Furthermore, you can visit the API Documentation to explore several other features of the API. In case you want to discuss any of your concerns or requirements, please feel free to reach out at the Free Support Forum.

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