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Digital notes are often used to store information like text, pictures, drawings, etc. In some scenarios, you might want to print your notes in a OneNote Notebook. This article covers how to print the OneNote notes (.one) using the C# language in .NET applications.

OneNote Notebook Printer – C# API Installation

You can create, edit, or manipulate notes in a OneNote Notebook with Aspose.Note for .NET API. You can easily configure the API by downloading the DLL file from the New Releases, or by using the following NuGet installation command in the Visual Studio IDE:

PM> Install-Package Aspose.Note

Print OneNote Notebook .one File using C#

You can print a OneNote .one file easily by following the steps below:

  1. Load input OneNote .one file using the Document class.
  2. Print the OneNote notebook using the Print function.

The code below explains how to print a OneNote .one Notebook programmatically using C#:

Print OneNote Notebook .one File using Advanced Options in C#

In certain situations, you may need to print a .one format OneNote file with specific print options. The following steps elaborate customized printing of .one format files:

  1. Load the input OneNote file using the Document class.
  2. Set printer name and page range.
  3. Finally, print the .one file with the Print() method.

The following code shows how to print a OneNote .one file using C#:

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In this article, you have explored how to print a OneNote Notebook file with .one file extension, in your C# and .NET-based applications. Moreover, you have learned how to perform custom printing with advanced options. Please visit the API Documentation to check out many other features offered by the API. In case of any inquiries, please reach out at the Free Support Forum.

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