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To-Do lists are usually created to stay organized for different project management or personal tasks management. You can plan tasks like different steps involved in SOPs for performing an operation. OneNote (.ONE) files can be used as reminders so that any activity is not missed and every checkbox is checked in the to-do list. This article discusses how to create a To-Do list on a OneNote file programmatically using Java.

Create OneNote To-Do List – Java API Installation

Aspose.Note for Java can be used to work with Microsoft OneNote files programmatically without needing to install the OneNote application. You can easily download its JAR files from the New Releases, or use the following Aspose Repository configurations:


        <name>Aspose Java API</name>



Create a To-Do List in a OneNote (.ONE) Document using Java

You can easily track the progress of a project by creating a to-do list, it keeps you updated with the steps that have been performed as well as which of them are in progress. You need to follow the following steps to create a to-do list in a OneNote document programmatically using Java.

  • Firstly, initialize an object of the Document class and specify styles for the paragraph and header text.
  • Create a OneNote To-Do List with Date in its title.
  • Add a checkbox and the name of the activity.
  • Finally, save the generated OneNote document.

The code snippet below explains how to create a to-do list in a OneNote document using Java.


You can check the screenshot below for an overview of a basic to-do list with dates that we have created in this article:

todolist oneote java

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In this article, you have understood the simple process to create a To-Do list in OneNote (.ONE) documents programmatically in Java. Moreover, you may take a look at other features offered by the API by going through the documentation. Please feel free to get in touch with us at the forum, in case of any queries.

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