Aspose.OCR for Java is an optical character & marker recognition component allowing the programmers to add OCR & OMR technology into their Java applications quickly and easily.

OMR features can be used to process questionnaires, ballots, educational tests and ordering sheets, where the documents to be processed are filled in by hand, and scanned images of such forms are used for marker recognition.

We are pleased to announce “[Aspose.OCR Java for Ruby][2] - Ruby Java Bridge gem to deal with Optical Character & Marker Recognition Document.

Download, Installation and Usage

Please check the links below to find instructions on downloading, installing and using Aspose.OCR Java for Ruby gem.


You can downloaded the latest version from:

Quick Start Tutorial

Include the required files for working with the “recognizetext.rb” example.

 require File.dirname(File.dirname(File.dirname(__FILE__))) + '/lib/asposeocrjava'
include Asposeocrjava
include Asposeocrjava::RecognizeText


Aspose.OCR Java for Ruby Examples

This initial version of the gem provides the following examples:

Working with OCR

Working with OMR

Aspose.OCR Java for Ruby Documentation

[Aspose.OCR Java for Ruby Documentation][3] is available to guide developers to get familiar with the specific resources and operations within the Aspose.OCR Java for Ruby.

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Customer Feedback

Your feedback is very important to us. Please feel free to provide feedback and raise feature requirements. We are keen to implement customer driven features since we are a 100% customer driven company.

[2]:”, a new gem for Ruby developers. Project is aimed to provide useful examples for Ruby developers who want to utilize “Aspose.OCR for Java” in their Ruby applications using [Rjb]( [3]: [4]: