Convert Image to Word DOCX OCR

You can convert an image containing text to an editable word document (DOCX) programmatically using C#. For instance, you need to convert an image captured from a scanner or a camera to an editable document then you need to perform OCR on the input image. You can go through further details under the following sections:

Image to Word Document (DOCX) Converter in C# - Installation

Aspose.OCR for .NET API can be used to recognize text from images. It supports converting images to text files or word documents (DOCX) as per your requirements. You can easily configure the API by downloading the DLL file from the Downloads section or via NuGet Package Manager with the following command:

PM> Install-Package Aspose.OCR

Convert Image to Word Document with OCR Programmatically using C#

Sometimes you get scanned or captured images of text that are not searchable or editable. In other words, you can convert an image to an editable and searchable word document (DOCX) with OCR programmatically. Moreover, you need to follow the steps below for performing an OCR on the image and saving the result as a DOCX word file:

  1. Firstly, initialize an instance of AsposeOcr class.
  2. Then recognize the input image.
  3. Finally, save the result in Microsoft Word Document format (DOCX).

The following code explains how to convert an image to Word document (DOCX) with OCR programmatically using C#:

Convert Image to Word Document using Spell Checking with OCR in C#

You can recognize text in different languages and convert the image to a word document. The API supports multiple languages and lets you utilize the dictionaries to maximize the efficiency and authenticity of the output. Moreover, the following is a list of some popularly used dictionaries that are supported for spell checking against recognized text:

  • Eng: English dictionary
  • Deu: German dictionary
  • Spa: Spanish dictionary
  • Fra: French dictionary
  • Swe: Swedish dictionary

Moreover, you may refer to the API References to find the complete list of supported dictionaries so far.

Please follow the steps below for converting the image to a word document (DOCX) using spell checking with OCR:

  1. Firstly, instantiate an object of the AsposeOcr class.
  2. Recognize image with OCR using RecognizeImage() method.
  3. Finally, save the result in Word Document format with spellcheck.

The below code elaborates how to convert the text in an image to a word document (DOCX) programmatically using C# language:

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In conclusion, you have explored how to convert the text from an image to an editable or searchable word document with the OCR feature programmatically using C#. Moreover, you may take a look at the API Documentation to explore other features offered by the API. Furthermore, please feel free to contact us at the Free Support Forum for any of your queries.

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