Recognize text DjVu Image C# OCR

The DjVu format is used to store scanned documents as they can include text, images, or drawings. DjVu is used to archive data because it is able to store the data using the minimum space. This article covers how to recognize text from DjVu images with OCR operations programmatically in C#.

Text Recognition from DjVu Image – C# API Installation

Aspose.OCR for .NET API supports optical character recognition for different types of documents like JPG, PNG, PDF, etc. Likewise, it also supports text recognition from multipage DjVu image files. You can easily configure the API by downloading the JAR file of the API from the Downloads section. Likewise, you can run the following NuGet installation command to install the library in your project:

PM> Install-Package Aspose.OCR

Recognize Text by Performing OCR on DjVu Image in C#

You can recognize text by performing OCR operations on multiple page DjVu images by following the steps below:

  1. Initialize an API instance using the AsposeOCR class.
  2. Create a DocumentRecognitionSettings class object.
  3. Recognize text using the RecognizeDjvu method.
  4. Print the recognized text.

The following code sample shows how to recognize text from a DjVu image by performing OCR programmatically in C#:

Get a Free API License

You can request a Free Temporary License to evaluate the API without any evaluation limitations.


In conclusion, you have learned how to recognize text with OCR operations on a multi-page DjVu image. You can recognize text with the ability to specify the document recognition settings where you can set auto-contrast and skewing options for the input image in order to increase the accuracy of the text recognition process. Furthermore, you may explore various other features supported by the API by taking a look at the documentation section. In case you need to discuss any of your concerns or requirements, please feel free to write to us at the forum.

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