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We are pleased to announce the release of Aspose.OCR for .NET 3.1.0. This release includes open recently used OMR templates, export OMR template editor extract data results to CSV file, and undo or redo options in OMR template editor. Support to detect the orientation of elements automatically in the OMR template editor has also been incorporated in this release.

Open Recently Used OMR Template

OMR template editor now provides support to open a recently loaded/edited OMR template (.amr).

Access the File menu of the OMR template editor. Click on the Open Recent menu item. It will expand and display the list of full file names of last 10 loaded/edited OMR templates in the sub menu. Recently loaded/edited OMR template names list can be erased by clicking on the Clear sub menu item.

Export Results of the OMR Template Editor to CSV File

Exporting extracted data results of the OMR template editor to CSV file functionality has been incorporated into the OMR template editor.

To export extracted data from OMR template editor to CSV file, load the template and import the scanned image the template is based on. Use extract data from current template option to preview the extracted data. Click export results button on the data extraction results sheet to export the extracted results to CSV file.

Undo and Redo Actions in OMR Template Editor

OMR template editor now provides support to undo or redo actions performed during editing an OMR template.

Undo and redo options can be accessed from tool bar, from Edit menu or by pressing key combination CTRL+Z and CTRL+Y respectively.

Please review the release notes of Aspose.OCR for .NET 3.1.0 for a complete list of new feature & enhancements. If you are planning to upgrade the API from any previous version, we strongly suggest you to check the Public API Changes section to know what has been changed since your current revision of the API.

Aspose.OCR for .Net Resources

The resources, you may need to accomplish your tasks:

  • Home page for Aspose.OCR for .Net API.
  • Download Aspose.OCR for .NET.
  • Aspose.OCR for .NET online documentation – help documentation and API reference documents.
  • Aspose.OCR Product Family Forum – post your technical questions and queries, or any other problem you are facing while working with Aspose.OCR APIs.
  • Enable blog Subscription – Do not limit yourself, you can keep yourself updated with the latest news on Aspose.OCR APIs, new features, fixes and other API related topics by subscribing to Aspose.OCR blog.
  • Aspose.OCR for .NET Examples – We have published our code examples on the social coding website Anyone could explore the code examples for learning purposes.

As always, we appreciate your feedback so if you ever have anything to tell us about this release or anything else, please head to the Aspose.OCR forum for a chat.