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This article explains how to calculate GPA Online. Calculating a GPA or CGPA can be a challenging task as it requires a lot of time, effort, and concentration. Moreover, there can be a chance of making a mistake during the calculations. That is where the GPA calculator is helpful because it makes it easier for you to calculate your GPA or CGPA accurately and efficiently.

The following sections will be covered in this guide:

Online Grades Calculator

This online grades calculator is powered by Aspose.OMR. It is very easy to use, robust, and comes with a user-friendly interface. Above all, you will not be asked for any account creation or subscription.

calculate CGPA online

Calculate CGPA Online

Please follow these steps to calculate your grades using this free online GPA calculator:

  • Type the name of the course, your grade, and the credits.
  • Next, you can add another course or delete the last course.
  • It will calculate the GPA instantly.
  • If you add another semester and its courses then you will be getting the CGPA as well.

You can the whole process in the video below:

Online Grades Calculator

GPA Calculator Online - Developer’s Guide

You can embed a similar feature into your application by working with any of the following variations of the native APIs. You may explore any of these as per your preferences:

Easy GPA Calculator – Learning Resources

You may take a look at different learning resources for working with different academic scenarios and use cases. For instance, you can explore several code samples, online applications, and other relevant data to develop a better understanding of the features.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How can I calculate my CGPA online?

You can calculate your CGPA using this online tool. It is free and works on desktop and mobile phones too.

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