Grade Calculator Online

Grade Calculator Online

This article explains how to calculate quiz percentage or passing points for a test or an exam. You can quickly and easily check the grading scale as well as passing points with a good grade. It can also be used as a wrong answer calculator or an assignment grade calculator.

Make sure to download your output results immediately because we do not keep the data on our servers and delete all the information after 24 hours.

How to Calculate Grades Online

  • Firstly, set the grading scale where the default value is the USA standard.
  • Set the number of points or questions.
  • Enter the number of wrong answers.
  • You will get the percentage grade, letter grade, and fraction grade as the output.

Moreover, you will see a Quick Chart as well as a Grade Chart for the values that you enter as input data.

Online Grade Calculator - Developer’s Guide

You can also explore the native APIs as well as Cloud API for grade calculation. You can explore and work with different OMR features with the following libraries:

Easy Grade Calculator Online with Cloud API

You can work with Low Code Cloud-based APIs to use OMR features to create, edit, or manipulate answer sheets, survey forms, etc. in your applications.


Which Grading Scales are supported by the calculator?

This online Grade Calculator offers about 50 different grading standards that are widely used, like England 7-point, German 6-point, Russia 100-point, and many more.

Can I use this online grade calculator as Exam Calculator or Test Grader?

Yes, you can use it as an exam, test, quiz, as well as assignment calculator based on your needs.

How many questions can you get wrong on a 100-question test to get a 70?

You can miss or get wrong a maximum of 30 questions to get a 70, which is a C letter grade according to USA Standard grading.

What grade is 30%?

30% as a grade is an F letter as per USA standard grading.

How many questions can you miss on a 200-question test to get an 85?

On a 200-question test, you can miss a maximum of 30 questions to get 85 which will be a B grade.

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