Merge EPS Java

EPS is a vector often used by the image processing professions to retain the high quality of the images. For instance, an EPS file can support customizations without affecting the quality of the image. However, sometimes you might need to merge different EPS files. In accordance with such requirements, this article covers how to merge EPS files programmatically in Java.

Combine or Merge EPS files – Java API Installation

Aspose.Page for Java API supports working with different page description language-based file formats like EPS, XPS, PS, etc. You can easily configure the API by downloading its JAR files from the New Releases section or using the following Maven configurations in the pom.xml file of your Maven-based application:






Merge EPS files Programmatically in Java

You can merge EPS files by following the steps below:

  1. Load the input EPS file in a stream.
  2. Create a PdfSaveOptions class object and set different properties.
  3. Merge the input EPS documents and write the output file.

The following code snippet explains how to merge different EPS files programmatically in Java:

Merge EPS files with Advanced Options in Java

You can improvise the EPS merging process by setting up different custom options. For example, you can set suppression for errors, image quality, etc. You need to follow the steps below for merging EPS files with advanced options:

  1. Load the input EPS file using stream.
  2. Initialize an instance of the PdfSaveOptions class.
  3. Merge several input EPS files and write the output file.

The following code snippet elaborates how to merge EPS files using advanced options in Java:

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In this article, you have explored how to merge or combine various EPS files programmatically in Java. Moreover, you may visit different sections of the documentation for exploring other features supported by the API. In case you need to discuss any of your ambiguities or queries, you can write to us at the forum.

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