3D PDF Converter csharp

PDF files are commonly and frequently used because of the strengths and features supported by this format. An important feature, under the context of designing, is the support for 3D objects. You can include high-quality 3D content in PDF files. This article covers how in C# convert a 3D PDF document. Moreover, 3D PDF files are helpful where you need to share visual details. For example, a product catalog, or a design review, etc. With Aspose APIs, you can easily convert and render such PDF files. Aspose.PDF for .NET API enables you to create a 3D PDF Converter application using C# or VB.NET.

C# 3D PDF Converter API

Aspose.PDF for .NET API supports creating and manipulating PDF files. We have supported the conversion and rendering of 3D PDF documents because of repeated feature requests. You can efficiently convert 3D PDF files to Images or HTML files. Conversion to HTML format can help you create 3D PDF Converter application while the rendering to images can help you create 3D PDF Viewer application. Let us explore the following use cases:

Create 3D PDF Converter in C#

Here we will be considering C# 3D PDF Conversion uses cases. First of all, we will be converting the 3D PDF document to HTML in C# file format. You can follow the steps below for the conversion:

  1. Load input 3D PDF file
  2. Set different options for saving HTML file
  3. Save the output HTML file

The following code snippet shows how to convert 3D PDF to HTML using C#:

After converting 3D PDF to HTML in C#, let us proceed to explore 3D PDF to Image conversion. Here we will convert it to a PNG image in C#.

You can render a 3D PDF file to an image. This conversion is helpful in scenarios when you need to preview the file for approving a quotation of a product, some design change notification, and many other scenarios. So you can follow the below steps for converting 3D PDF to a PNG image in your 3D PDF Converter applications:

  1. Load Input 3D PDF File
  2. Set Image Resolution
  3. Create PNG Image as Output

The following code snippet is based on these steps which can create images of 3D PDF file using C#:


Concludingly, we have explored different supported features for 3D PDF files in Aspose.PDF for .NET API. We have learned how to create 3D PDF Converter application using C#. However, if you are interested in exploring more about supported file formats then please reach out to us at Free Support Forum.

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