If you want to imprint PDF documents in order to deliver or showcase some important information, you will need to stamp it. Adding stamps in PDF documents allows you to label them with information, such as the document’s approval status or confidentiality. You can also add an image stamp in PDF documents to watermark or label it with the logo of your company. In simple words, stamping the PDF documents is a basic requirement for any business and Adobe Acrobat allows you to do this by offering editing tools. Imagine having a significant number of PDFs and stamping them manually using the tools. Well, the first thing which comes to mind is the time cost. Now think of doing the same job programmatically. Yes, it will not only reduce the time cost but you will also be able to customize the stamping process within no time. You can use Aspose.PDF for .NET in your .NET applications to automate the process as it provides the functionality to add stamps in PDF documents. You can add both text and image stamps in PDFs using the API. For example, let’s see how you can add an image stamp in PDF document and specify its location over the page.

Add Image Stamp as Background in Floating Box

FloatingBox allows you to display your content on any location over a PDF Page by specifying its position (top/left). Using the API, you can specify a background (image) of the floating box and place the box over the desired page to stamp it. Following code sample can be used to implement this functionality:

Additional Features and Enhancements

Along with stamping the PDF document, Aspose.PDF for .NET offers a lot of useful features and enhancements. Especially, Aspose.PDF for .NET 19.9 introduces a new feature where you can use various Latex Tags during the generation of PDF documents from Latex Script. Release notes of the API present a detailed picture of features and improvements which API has to offer in this release. However, some of the major improvements are as follows:

  • Set export value of Checkbox
  • PDF to Image conversion is improved
  • Text replacement and the modifying engine is enhanced and improved
  • Improved HTML rendering inside PDF
  • PDF to Word conversion is improvised
  • Highlighting a text inside PDF is revised for better performance
  • API deals with bookmarking functionality efficiently
  • Fixes against PDF/A Compliance tests have been made
  • HTML to PDF conversion is further improved

The improvements and enhancements are never meant to be done with this release of the API. You will surely be offered with exciting features and improved revisions of the API on monthly basis. In case you want some features to be added in the API, don’t stop yourself and feel free to post your requests in the Aspose.PDF public forum. Also, subscribe to Aspose.PDF Blog for updates and latest news about API releases. We will be back soon with another update of the API.