C# Convert PDF File Byte Array

Byte Array is helpful for storing or transmitting data. Likewise, the PDF file format is popular because of its features and compatibility. You can convert PDF File to Byte Array as well as a Byte Array to PDF File using C# language. This can help you store and archive PDF files in the database, more efficiently. You can also serialize the data by working with the Byte Array. Let us explore the inter-convertibility of these formats.

PDF File to Byte Array and Byte Array to PDF File Conversion – API Installation

Aspose.PDF for .NET API offers a lot of features to work with PDF documents. You can create, edit, manipulate, or convert PDF files with simple and easy API calls. For converting PDF files to Byte Array or vice versa, you need to install the API either by downloading it from the official website, or from NuGet gallery using the below installation command in Visual Studio IDE.

PM> Install-Package Aspose.Pdf

Convert PDF File to Byte Array using C#

You can convert PDF to Byte Array in order to transmit or store it for further processing. For instance, you might need to serialize a PDF document then converting it to a byte array can help. You need to follow the steps below for converting PDF to a byte array:

  1. Load input PDF File
  2. Initialize a Byte Array
  3. Initialize FileStream object
  4. Load the file contents in the byte array

After following all these steps, now you can process the PDF file in the form of a byte array. For example, you can pass it over to another function like the example below.

The following code shows how to convert a PDF File to a Byte Array using C# where the resultant ByteArray is passed to a method for converting input file to images:

Convert Byte Array to PDF File using C#

Let us proceed another step further, a Byte Array can be converted to a PDF File. Let us learn this by the example of converting an image as a Byte Array to a PDF file. You need to follow the following steps for converting a Byte Array to a PDF file.

  1. Load input file
  2. Initialize byte array
  3. Load input image into Byte Array
  4. Initialize an instance of Document class
  5. Add image on a PDF page
  6. Save output PDF File

The following code explains how to convert a Byte Array to PDF File programmatically using C#:


In this article, we have explored how to convert PDF File to Byte Array as well as Byte Array to PDF File using C# programming language. If you are interested in working further with the PDF file, then kindly share your requirements with us via Free Support Forum. Moreover, you can also explore the API Documentation and API References for an in-depth analysis of the features offered by the API. We look forward to getting in touch with you!

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