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The new release of Aspose.PDF for .NET 10.4.0 has been published with new and exciting features. Among these new features, there have been numerous improvements in existing API features. However, likewise earlier releases, the main focus has been towards bug fixing and stability of API to work without any hassle in various circumstances.

Convert PDF/A to PDF in C#

Conversion of PDF files to PDF/A compliance format is one of the salient features being offered by our API, where you get the option to transform newly created PDF or any existing PDF file to:

  • PDF_A_1A
  • PDF_A_1B
  • PDF_A_2A
  • PDF_A_2B
  • PDF_A_3A
  • PDF_A_3B

Even you get the option to render PDF files to

  • PDF_X_1A
  • PDF_X_3

compliant formats. You can also use this API to validate PDF/A, PDF/X compliance format of PDF files. Starting this release, we have introduced a new feature to convert PDF/A compliant document to standard/simple PDF file. This requirement is accomplished by removing PDF/A compliance format from the source/input document.

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Miscellaneous fixes

As well as the enhancements and features discussed above, there have been specific improvements for PDF to HTML and HTML to PDF conversion features. Among these fixes, the PCL to PDF, SVG to PDF, PDF to Excel, PDF to DOC, PDF to TIFF and TIFF to PDF conversion, conversion of PDF to PDF/A compliant documents, text replacement, Filling of the signature field with an image, flattening of PDF and rendering of PDF to XPS format are also improved. Please download and try the latest release of Aspose.PDF for .NET 10.4.0.