The new version of Aspose.PDF for Java, 17.3.0 has been released with fixes related to issues reported in earlier versions and we have specifically focused on PDF file conversion to various supported output formats. Specified below are the details regarding these fixes.

Convert XFA to Standard AcroForms in Java

Dynamic forms are based on an XML specification known as XFA, the “XML Forms Architecture”. The information about the form (as far as PDF is concerned) is very vague – it specifies that fields exist, with properties, and JavaScript events, but does not specify any rendering. The objects of XFA form are drawn at the time loading the document based on specifications. These documents also provides the capabilities to dynamically fill data inside them and save them separately. However when it comes to manipulation, it gets quite difficult and sometimes customers request to convert XFA forms to standard Acro Forms, as the standard form itself contains form fields and they are not generated on run-time. There is also a great improvement in XFA forms to Standard Acro form conversion and our API now provides more stability in this area.

Convert PDF to PDF/A in Java

The PDF file to PDF/A format conversion and validation capabilities are among the salient features of Aspose.PDF for Java and many customers are already taking benefit of these functionalities. In this release, the development team has specifically focused on these areas and have resolved many issues related to these features. With this new release, our API is more stable and capable of handling more complex documents and can gracefully handle documents with a similar structure. The types of errors fixed for this feature include missing contents in resultant PDF/A file, garbled contents in resultant PDF/A, missing images in the resultant file, missing compliance information in the resultant file, errors due to color space etc.

Convert PDF to DOCX in Java

Aspose.PDF for Java is an amazing API as it offers the feature to convert PDF files to various MS Office formats. Using this API, you can transform PDF file to DOC, DOCX, XLS and PPTX format. Recently some customers reported problems related to the conversion of PDF files to DOCX format and in this release, many of these issues have been resolved and our API has become more stable in this area. Some general fixes in this area include resolution of exceptions, additional contents in resultant file and representation of contents in a language other than English. However, as we mentioned earlier, the rendering mechanism has been greatly improved.

Miscellaneous fixes

Apart from the above-mentioned improvements, the PDF to Image conversion, Text extraction, Text replacement, PDF file signing, Tex file to PDF conversion, PDF form filling, PDF file merge and import of Annotations are also improvement areas. Its always recommended to use the latest release of our API’s, so we suggest you please download the latest release of Aspose.PDF for Java 17.3.0 and check release notes for a list of issues fixed in Aspose.PDF for Java 17.3.0