Create Photo Albums in Csharp

It is a common practice of using albums to keep photographs, especially of a particular event such as weddings. Now, the world has changed a lot and digital photographs are in the business, which are mostly kept on computers or smart phones and printed only when required. Thus, digital photo albums emerged. In this article, we’ll demonstrate how to create photo albums programmatically in C#.

C# .NET API to Create Photo Albums - Free Download

Aspose.PDF for .NET is a powerful API that is used to create and manipulate PDF documents. Since we are going to create a digital photo album, we will use the PDF format for it, which is easy to share, print, and open anywhere. You can either download the API or install it from NuGet.

PM> Install-Package Aspose.PDF 

Steps to Create a Photo Album in C#

The following are some easy steps that we need to follow to create our digital photo album in C#.

  • First, create a new album in PDF format.
  • Load images from the desired folder one by one.
  • Insert each image into the PDF album.
  • Save the album to the desired location.

In the following section, we will demonstrate which classes and methods are used to perform each step to make a photo album in C#.

Create a Photo Album in C#

This is how you can create a photo album in C#:

The following code sample shows how to make a PDF photo album in C#.

C# Photo Album Maker - Get a Free License

You can create your photo albums without evaluation limitations by getting a free temporary license.

Read More About API

You can explore more about Aspose.PDF for .NET using documentation. In case you would have any queries, feel free to let us know via our forum.


In this article, you have learned how to create photo albums programmatically in C#. You can add as many photos as you want to your PDF album following the provided method. This is useful when you need to share or print your photo albums.

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