PDF is a popular format for sharing information over the internet. Most of the time, PDF files contain images along with text and other elements. There might be scenarios where you need to extract these images from PDF files to process them further. To that end, this article will teach you how to extract images from PDF files using C++.

C++ API for Extracting Images from PDF Files

Aspose.PDF for C++ is a C++ library that allows you to create, read and modify PDF documents. Furthermore, the API supports extracting images from PDF files. You can either install the API through NuGet or download it directly from the downloads section.

PM> Install-Package Aspose.PDF.Cpp

Extract Images from PDF Files using C++

The following are the steps to extract images from a PDF file.

  • Load the PDF document using the Document class.
  • Get the pages of the document using the Document->get_Pages() method and iterate over them.
  • Get images for each page using the page->get_Resources()->get_Images() method and iterate over them.
  • Create a FileStream object for each image and save it as JPEG, PNG, etc.

The following sample code demonstrates how to extract images from a PDF file using C++.

Get a Free License

You can try the API without evaluation limitations by requesting a free temporary license.


In this article, you have learned how to extract images from PDF files using C++. We used the robust and easy-to-use Aspose.PDF for C++ API to achieve this. The API provides a bunch of additional features for working with PDF files that you can explore in detail by visiting the official documentation. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of the API, please feel free to reach us at our free support forum.

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