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The new version of our HTML5 PDF Editor has been released with some very useful and attractive features. New features allow the users to open a file from Dropbox, insert images to PDF files from your local system or Dropbox, export PDF files to different file formats, search text in PDF file, replace text in PDF file and remove any of the inserted contents. The backend of the editor is powered by Aspose.PDF for .NET which is feature-rich API when it comes to creating and editing PDF files and the results are precise.

New Features

Some attractive features are supported in this release of HTML5 PDF Editor which are as follows:

  • Open PDF file from Dropbox.
  • Insert images in PDF file.
  • Export PDF file to different file formats.
  • Delete the inserted contents in PDF file.
  • Search text in PDF file.
  • Replace Text in PDF file.

The following is the screenshot of the latest Html5 PDF Editor:


You can find complete details of features and source code in the documentation section.

Download Source

You can download the complete source code using our download page.