Start exploring the new version of Aspose.PDF for Java as it includes a new feature of PCL to PDF conversion. Specify Job control, Page control, Cursor positioning, Font selection, Raster graphics, Color, Print model, Rectangular area fill command in order to convert PCL5 files containing text, raster and vector graphics to PDF documents.

Be more confident and tranquil while converting HTML text into PDF with this version as it includes many fixes regarding this feature. It also provides superb support for displaying UNICODE, ASCII and non-English characters (Hebrew etc) in resultant PDF. With this release, the product has become more handy when you need to generated a multi column PDF, render GIF or BMP image, create bookmarks, need to set the background color for text object, while working with nested tables, creating multiline hyperlinks, adding form fields especially RadioButton and incase you need to use an XML file as a template. Please, be the first to download and start discovering the latest release version of this amazing product.

For further information regarding new features and issues fixed in this release, please visit this link.