About Lewin Technology

Lewin Technology is the main enterprise of application innovation in Shandong province, China. We are specialized in the research, development, and promotion of information application systems in many product areas, such as the Internet, Mobile Internet, and Converged Communications.

The company has many excellent information technology talents, the perfect R&D system and rich experience in information application. We have developed a variety of comprehensive service platforms, such as mobile e-government, mobile e-commerce, mobile electronic monitoring, telecom value-added services, and other fields, used in government, telecommunications, universities, Tax, power, commerce, e-commerce, and other industries.


We started developing a data archive management system. The system was supposed to serve nearly one million students in Shandong Province each year. A very important sub-function has been to print the electronic file generated by the user as a certification.


The user shall query and select the required file on the web page, then generate and download the PDF file as a certification for confirmation.

The PDF file is made from .html, .doc or PDF template.

Web Preview of application
Select an Option to save file output format
HTML exported in PDF format


Before using Aspose.PDF for .NET, we tried other products such as Telerik and also some open-source products. But they could not meet our requirements, because when we tried converting HTML files to PDF format, the position of data in the table was changed.

Then we got the recommendation from a software expert and we tested Aspose.PDF for .NET product. We fond the free trial on your website and by spending just 2 hours, we completed learning and its testing with our system. We were easily able to find help from the website and there has been no problem in the trial.

The trial was smooth. PDF files generated by Aspose.PDF for .NET met the requirements and the feedback from our team and users has been awesome.

Next Steps

We plan to provide our users with a lot of online services of e-files, such as create, edit, query and print. Therefore, we desire to have these features in PDF files and later on, we will enable similar features in word files and email. We are looking forward to developing a better solution.

The accuracy of document generation and the flexibility of template editing have been our most focused areas. In PDF files, the data itself, its location and its format, all met our requirements. We managed to create PDF templates where one can add, delete, and adjust content flexibly.


The function of PDF generation is one of the most important features of our data archive management system. Aspose.PDF for .NET has been one of our candidates after comparison and it is satisfactory in terms of document accuracy.

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