We have released a new version of Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java with some new features and fixes. In Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java 3.5.0, we have introduced a new feature to replace text based on the regular expression. If the criteria specified in the regular expression is met, the first instance of the text will be replaced. In order to replace a string like 09.11.2010, you can use the following regular expression: “\\d{2}\.\\d{2}\.\\d{4}”; whereas, a string like 2034-3490-8 can be replaced using “\\d{4}-\\d{4}-\\d{1}”. You also need to set the regular expression mode using setRegularExpressionUsed method. The following code snippet can help you understand this new feature:

//create an object of PdfContentEditor class

PdfContentEditor contentEditor = new PdfContentEditor();

//bind input PDF file


//set regular expression mode


//replace string which satisfies to regular expression

contentEditor.replaceText("\\d{2}\.\\d{2}\.\\d{4}", “New text”);

//save the output file



This version also allows you to import the images from XML file. You only need to specify a valid path to the image file along with other field values; following is a short example of the XML containing path to an image file:

You can simply import the image file along with other data using the following code snippet:

//create a Form object

Form pdfForm = new Form(“input.pdf”, “output.pdf”);

//create input stream for XML

FileInputStream inStream = new FileInputStream(“data.xml”);

//import data to the PDF form


//close input stream and Form object



In addition to the above two features, we have improved file encryption, viewer preference, replace text and Form related issues. You can see the complete list of changes and download the latest version from the Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java download section.