Aspose.PSD now supports the PSB file format. The PSB (Photoshop Big file) is an Adobe Photoshop Large Document file. Only a few users of Adobe Photoshop know about the existence of the PSB file format but all are familiar with the PSD file format. The PSB format is similar to PSD format except that PSB supports larger files, both in image dimension and overall size.

The PSD file format is limited to 30K x 30K pixels, which is the main file format used by Adobe Photoshop. PSBs, on the other hand, supports documents up to 300K pixels in any dimension, which is plenty even for graphics designers who often need to work with ultra-high resolutions. A PSB file supports layers, effects, filters, and all other features of Adobe Photoshop. It is also possible to save HDR images with the PSB file format.

How to Convert a PSB File in C#

Using Aspose.PSD you can convert existing PSB files directly into PSD, PDF, JPEG and several other formats without any loss of quality. In this article, we will demonstrate how you can convert PSB files to other formats.

Convert PSB to PDF in C#

Converting PSB to PDF is similar to conversion to JPEG as shown above. The API has PdfOptions class that allows you to export PSB file to PDF format.

Convert PSB to PSD in C#

Using PsdOptions class you can export existing PSB file to PNG format. The following code snippet demonstrates how to convert PSB to PSD.

Convert PSB to JPEG in C#

You can export an existing PSB file to JPEG using Aspose.PSD. The API has JpegOptions class which allows you to convert PSB to JPEG.

The following code demonstrates the conversion of PSB to JPEG using C#.

For more information, please visit the Developer’s Guide for your complete reference on what you can deliver using the Aspose.PSD APIs. You can also check out other examples at Github.