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We are pleased to share that Aspose.PSD API is coming soon to .NET platforms with the name of Aspose.PSD for .NET. It will be soon available soon for download and to be used in applications. Aspose.PSD (written in managed C#) is designed to be used with any of the .NET supported languages like C#, VB.NET and J# etc. Aspose.PSD can be used with any kind of application from ASP.NET web applications to Windows desktop applications. Aspose.PSD provides fully featured demos and working examples written in C#. The demos help developers gain a good understanding of the component’s features quickly.

Features offered by Aspose.PSD for .NET

Aspose.PSD for .NET is product that allows an extensive manipulation of PSD file formats. The product does not require Adobe Photoshop to be installed. Aspose.PSD for .NET allows editing the PSD files, updating layer properties, adding watermarks, performing graphics operations or converting one file format into another. This product allows different automation scenarios that help developers on their way.

Currently Aspose.PSD for .Net supports PSD and PSB file formats for loading and manipulation. Future versions will allow loading of more PSD file formats. Aspose.PSD for .Net allows export to various raster file formats such as Tiff, Jpeg, Jpeg2000, Png, Gif, Bmp and more file formats supported for export will be added. The product uses algorithms which allow performing editing of PSD files in efficient way and maintains good performance. The product is actively developed and many useful features will be added to support the market demands. For instance .Net Core support is actively available in API.

  • Load and save PSD and PSB File formats.
  • Data processing for PSD and PSB File formats.
  • PSD Compression.
  • Managing raster image formats.
  • Conversion from Photoshop file formats to raster images.
  • Drawing Features.
    • Large images.
    • Rotate.
    • Flip.
    • Scale.
    • Cache system.
    • Custom user images.
    • Read/Write Exif data.
    • Dithering.
    • Crop.
    • Vector to raster export .
    • Brightness, contrast, gamma update.
    • Xmp data support.
    • Clipping to rectangular region.
    • Matrix transformations.
    • Drawing and filling of basic shapes (Line, Polygon, Rectangle, Cubic Bézier, Curve, Arc, Ellipse, Pie, Path).

Initial Release Availability

We are currently working over finalizing the API release process and intend to share this publicly soon. So, stay tuned for further news about this new upcoming API. You can reach us on Aspose.Total forum for your queries/inquiries related to the API and we will be more than happy to assist you in this regard.