Convert PowerPoint Slides to XPS in Java


  • We will dive into Aspose.Slides for Java and see how we can use its methods and classes to convert PowerPoint slides to XPS in Java.

Java PowerPoint API Installation

  • Here we will go through the installation of this Java library.

Convert PowerPoint Slides to XPS in Java - Code Sample

  • This blog post segment demonstrates the implementation of PowerPoint to XPS conversion using a code snippet.

XPS Creator - Online Tool

  • Then we will head over to an online tool to create XPS from a PPTX/PPT file.

This blog post is a continuation of writing articles in this category. This guide shows how to convert PowerPoint slides to XPS in Java. So, Aspose.Slides for Java is a go-to option to achieve this functionality due to its lightweight and rich-featured nature. However, it offers a wide range of conversion, and processing features along with programmatic creation of PPTX/PPT files. Moreover, this Java PowerPoint API is a robust solution for PowerPoint presentation automation. So, let’s move ahead and unleash the potential of Aspose.Slides for Java.

Java PowerPoint API Installation

You can find the complete installation details here. However, in order to install this Java library, you can download this JAR file or use the following Maven configurations:

    <name>Aspose Java API</name>

Convert PowerPoint Slides to XPS in Java - Code Sample

Now, we can implement the PPTX to XPS conversion using Aspose.Slides for Java. Before that, please make sure you have a source PPTX/PPT file.

So, the following steps and the code snippet demonstrate how to convert PowerPoint Slides to XPS in Java programmatically:

  • Instantiate an instance of the Presentation class and load the source PPTX/PPT file.
  • Save the presentation to an XPS document by calling the save method.


pptx to xps converter

XPS Creator - Online Tool

Besides an API, Aspose.Slides for Java also backs a powerful yet lightweight online tool for PPTX/PPT to XPS conversion. It is a web application that you can open in almost all popular web browsers. Above all, it is free and you can test it by clicking the image below:


Get a Free License

You can get a free temporary license to try this Java PowerPoint API without evaluation limitations.

Summing up

We will conclude what you have learned in this guide. We went through the installation of Aspose.Slides for Java and then we wrote a code sample to implement the PPTX/PPT to XPS conversion. Further, this blog post highlighted the basic functionality that you can configure as per your business requirements. Therefore, you can visit documentationGitHub repo, and API references for complete exploration. Finally, is writing consistently, so stay in touch for the latest updates.

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