Convert PowerPoint to Word

You probably have your reasons for looking to convert PowerPoint to Word. By converting PPT to DOC, you get to take advantage of Word’s strengths in terms of formatting options and printing capabilities. Essentially, when your document is in Word format, you may find it easier to edit its contents or update it, especially with more in-depth textual information.

Convert PowerPoint PPT to Word in Java

While Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word are some of the most popular business tools, neither program provides functions that facilitate direction conversions from one format to another. Things are different programmatically. In this article, you will learn how to convert PowerPoint to Word in Java.

PPT to DOC Conversion - Java APIs

To convert a PowerPoint presentation to a Word using Java code, you need to find a way to

  • Extract the contents of the presentations such as images, texts, etc.

  • Place or insert the extracted contents into a Word document.

To perform those tasks, you need one API capable of manipulating a PowerPoint presentation and another API that does the same thing for Word documents. To perform the described tasks, we recommend you get:

  1. Aspose.Slides for Java. Aspose.Slides for Java is a powerful API for creating, editing, converting, and manipulating PowerPoint presentations (without Microsoft PowerPoint or Office). To install Aspose.Slides for Java, see Installation.
  2. Aspose.Words for Java. Aspose.Words for Java is a feature-rich document processing API to used to create, modify, convert, render, and print files in Microsoft Word formats. To install Aspose.Words for Java, see Installation.

Info: Aspose developed a free PowerPoint to Word converter that allows users to quickly convert presentations to Word documents. This converter may be considered a live implementation of the PowerPoint to Word process.

Convert PPT to DOC in Java

  1. Add aspose-slides-x.x-jdk16.jar and aspose-words-x.x-jdk16.jar to your CLASSPATH.

  2. Use this code snippet to convert the PowerPoint to Word:

This Java code shows you how to convert PPT to Word:

Free PowerPoint to Word Converter

If you are looking to try Aspose.Slides and Aspose.Words features without limitations, we recommend you get a free temporary license.


We walked you through an operation on converting PowerPoint PPT to Word DOC. The Java code we provided (targeting PPT to DOC) may also be used for other known PowerPoint and Word formats, which may include PPT to DOCX, PPTX to DOCX, PPTX to DOC.

To learn more about Aspose.Slides features, see our documentation. If you have questions, you can post them on our forum.

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