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Stratascope Inc. enables sales and marketing professionals with the most powerful insight into industries, markets, companies, and people.

We have pulled together the most comprehensive and timely research available today and coupled it with our exclusive repository of industry-specific business issues. The result is a portal that will “Change the way you sell!” according to many of our customers.

You will find detailed research on industries, global markets, over 2.5 million organizations, executive biographies, news, tweets, key developments, and initiatives all delivered in an easy to use intuitive interface. You can add your own insight by tagging your solutions, whitepapers, references, and case studies to our industrial companies and issues.

No other comprehensive research service provides you with front-line, phone answering research experts that can guide you through your research. Our subscription also includes unlimited access to business and financial experts that can help you not only use our service but interpret the results.


In the majority of cases, Account planning in sales involves a PowerPoint presentation. Stratascope was able to provide a substantial amount of content for an account plan but we were facing difficulties in delivering that content in an easy to use form. Users had to cut and paste individual objects onto their own slides or submit the PDF version of our content as a supplement to their presentation. The bottom line was the user had a choice of “too much work” or “not very seamless”.


We chose Aspose.Slides for .NET as a mechanism to deliver our dynamic account plan content, which resulted in an easy to use approach, owing to the fact that our users were already familiar with PDF output and we got the ability to produce a custom slide deck ranging from 15 to 150 slides. While taking the high end 150 slides multiplied by the 2.5 million accounts that we support, Aspose.Slides for .NET enabled us to dynamically configure and deliver over 375 million high-quality custom slides to our users.

As the users were allowed to include their own custom content, the real slide count have been infinite. We also included the ability for users to control the flow of the presentation and the repositioning of the slides and after that, we generated the table of contents slide. In order to provide custom look and feel, the users had the ability to choose their own color template and include their company logos.

Dynamic plan configuration preview

Image 1:- Dynamic Account Plan configuration and output selection

Dynamic Account plan preview in PowerPoint

Image 2:- Dynamic Account Plan slide deck with 36 custom slides.


Finding a solution

In order to solve our problems, we have been searching for tools over the web for years and before we started our trial with Aspose.Slides for .NET, we compared multiple products. Within 60 days, we completed our project and were ready for deployment with very little assistance required from technical support.


The biggest challenge was dealing with the dynamic nature and variable length of our content. We were able to design a template from which users can copy the required slides and fill them with their content. As a result, users were able to get a completely custom layout and flow. We used the Aspose support forums but had no need to call into the Aspose support organization.


We have been very happy with the output produced. Our customers have also been very much excited about the PDF format. We are sure that going forward, our efforts will be received even more enthusiastically.

Next Steps

The solution that we have produced is a complete solution. Also, in order to meet our client’s requests, our next steps involve some minor tweaking of the offering and the possibility of offering more than 8 color templates for users.


Our overall experience of working with Aspose and Aspose’s products has been excellent. The product worked as advertised, the documentation was easy to follow, and the support forums were all the help we needed. The final solution that we deployed has exceeded our initial expectations by a great deal. We would strongly recommend Aspose.

Bruce Brien, CEO
Stratascope Inc.