Nowhow Implemented MS Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, and BarCode creation and Manipulation in DOCO application using Aspose APIs

About Nowhow solutions Nowhow solutions AG is a small software development company located in Bern, Switzerland. Founded in 2001, the company specializes in the implementation of web-based business solutions mainly for the telecommunications and governmental market. Challenge Often our customers approach us with business requirements that are linked to the generation of Word or PDF documents. They require the solutions to be capable of gathering raw data from various sources (order management systems (SAP), Excel calculation tables, or even PDF documents) and transform that data into consolidated price information sheets and contract documents.
November 5, 2016 · 3 min · Stefan Studer

My World created working processes in an automatic filing system to recognize and convert MS Office files to PDF

About My World Ltd. My World Ltd. is a software and web application development company, established in Israel since 2004. We develop a variety of software solutions, database management systems, internet websites, portals, and web applications. Among our long-standing clients are high- tech companies, large organizations, and medium private sector businesses, for which we offer a full package deal consisting of the definition, coordination, and application of each project. My World Ltd.
February 16, 2015 · 4 min · Roei Bar

Join And Share implemented MS Office, Image, RFT, OpenOffice files rendering to PDF format as well as PDF printing using Aspose APIs

About Join and Share GmbH Join and Share GmbH is located in Berlin, Germany. We develop customer-specific solutions based first and foremost on Microsoft products. Our certification for the Microsoft Silver Data Platform sets us apart as experts for database-oriented solutions in the field of business intelligence and enterprise applications. Our team consists of Microsoft .NET experts, database developers for Microsoft SQL Server, Access and Office, Web developers, and UX Designers.
January 18, 2012 · 4 min · Thomas Grob

EMCRYPT Converted MSG to MHT, PDF format. Implemented PDF encryption and more using APIs

About EMCRYPT EMCrypt is a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook, designed to effectively and easily encrypt and then convert Outlook emails to PDF format. It supports all versions from 2003 to 2010, and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. With EMCrypt, the email, along with any attachments, is converted to PDF, encrypted, and can then be opened by the recipient using a PDF reader and the password. Appearance and functions can be adjusted to suit individual tastes
August 3, 2010 · 3 min · Thomas Lauer

iMUSH Integrated a central printing solution for SharePoint repository using Aspose APIs

About KWizCom KWizCom goal is to provide nothing less than outstanding products and exceptional customer service! Entrust KWizCom to help you achieve your business goals and put you on the fast track to productivity. We created a product iMUSH which is a bundle of products for SharePoint that enable users to perform tasks on a bunch of items at once. iMUSH includes the following solutions for SharePoint: Scan, Print, Files, and Reports
April 6, 2010 · 5 min · Shai Petel

Complia Health implemented Server Side PDF conversion of multi-format medical records including MS Office files using Aspose APIs

About Complia Health Complia Health is a leading provider of technology and expertise for the long-term and post-acute care market. Complia Health is a recent spinoff of a healthcare company in the US. Complia health has built the premier operations platform for Home health care, hospice, private duty, and supplemental staffing industries. The product encompasses both operational and clinical components of a home care services agency including smartphone access and point of care devices.
February 26, 2010 · 5 min · Satish Movva

Generac Implemented MS Word Mail Merge, XSL to PDF, PDF concatenation, Manipulation and Printing within e-commerce portal

About Generac Generac Power Systems provides a private e-commerce portal for its industrial product dealers. Portal functionality includes quotations and ordering, project management features, documentation libraries, and more. Much of the site is dynamically driven based on integrations to the ERP and other systems. Generac previously used a combination of custom, open-source and commercial 3rd party components to provide document interaction capabilities to the end-user. However, these components were limited in features and presented numerous performance and maintenance issues on the web servers.
February 17, 2010 · 5 min · Eric Hemmer

BP Logix revamped Workflow Director for MS Word, Excel, PDF, MS Project, PDF forms processing using Aspose.Total for .NET suite

About BP Logix BP Logix Inc. is a leading provider of web-based BPM and workflow solutions. The company is focused on software solutions that improve workflow and process automation, enabling users to maximize their efficiency and work as intelligently with digital content as they do with paper-based information. In 2009, BP Logix released a new version of its flagship product, Workflow Director. This was the first 100% .NET release of this product, so choosing a partner for .
November 17, 2009 · 4 min · Jay Obrien

Access Education Converted Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Images directly to PDF and Implemented Printing within the Document Management System

About Access Education Access Education (formerly HCSS Education) offers industry-leading school management software, designed by experts, that provides efficiency and engagement across your whole educational establishment giving you the freedom to provide an outstanding education. Our close working partnership with our clients enabled us to identify the requirement for our newest product and the central functions of the File Manager were: It’s ability to create and maintain links to documents and files across a single system, network and the internet.
January 13, 2009 · 3 min · James Hacking

Concept64 enabled Vivid Word to HTML, PDF conversion and PDF concatenation features using Aspose APIs

About Concept64 At Concept64, we had to design and build a content managed literature section for a health-related website. The client team was going to create and manage the content in MS Word but wanted to make the same available on their website. Registered users shall not only browse the content but download individual articles in PDF format. Additionally, they could combine multiple articles to compile their own collection of articles, and download it all as one PDF file.
December 30, 2007 · 2 min · Chandan Kanadia