Bismer Upgraded Document Management System with Aspose.Total for.NET for Reports in MS Word and Excel Format

About Bismer Cozum Co Bimser Cozum Co is focused on Management Systems Software. One of them is QDMS. QDMS is an Integrated Management System Software package. It has approximately 170 installations in Turkey and has around 180,000 end users. Our vision is to introduce our solution to all of the world’s companies that have an interest in Quality Management Systems. QDMS has 18 sub-modules one of which is a Document Management System.
July 5, 2010 · 2 min · Ahmet Demirel

ResWare performs Real estate Process flow by Populating Word or Excel Templates and Renders output in PDF using Aspose APIs

About Adeptive Software Adeptive’s leading product, ResWare™ V3.0, is a real estate process flow software package that can be customized to manage any workflow process in the industry. We were previously using Microsoft Word and Excel automation for generating templates and Ghostscript to generate PDFs. We began having serious performance problems recently, where Word would hang, causing all sorts of problems. Requirements Scenario We were using Microsoft Word and Excel to dynamically generate documents by manually populating Word merge fields and Excel cells with data pulled from our database on the fly.
January 13, 2009 · 4 min · Bryan Buus