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Add Data from Database to PDF in C# .NET

Databases are almost everywhere to store and manage the data. It is a common practice of the programmers to retrieve the data from the databases and load it into the applications. When generating PDF files programmatically, one may need to populate the document with the data in database. To accomplish that in .NET applications, this article shows how to add data from database to PDF files in C#.

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Create Table in PDF Files using C# .NET

Tables are used to represent data in the form of rows and columns. It lets the readers go through the data quickly without reading a lot of text. When generating the PDF files programmatically, you may often come across the requirement of creating tables. In accordance with that, this article covers how to create tables in PDF files in C# .NET.

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Replace Images in PDF Files in C# .NET

PDF format is widely adopted to automatically generate the documents such as invoices, reports, articles, etc. In certain cases, you have to replace the images in the PDF documents, such as to hide the confidential content. To accomplish that programmatically, this article covers how to replace images in PDF documents in C# .NET.

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Generate Thumbnails for PDF Files in C#

You may often need to generate thumbnails while embedding the PDF documents into a web application. Also, thumbnails of pages are required when creating a PDF viewer. For such scenarios, this article covers how to generate thumbnails of a PDF file programmatically in C# .NET. We will explicitly cover how to create a thumbnail of a particular page or all the pages in a PDF file.

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Rotate Text inside PDF Documents in C#

PDF has become a ruling document format in the digital world. Its cross-platform support has made it a widely adopted format for generating and sharing documents, such as research articles, invoices, etc. While generating a PDF programmatically, you often need to change the position and orientation of the text according to the layout of the document. In this article, we will demonstrate how to rotate text inside PDF documents programmatically in C# .NET.

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