Create and Manipulate Pivot Table, Apply Conditional Formatting, and Add Hyperlinks to Excel in C++

Aspose Team is pleased to announce the second major release of Aspose.Cells for C++ API. Aspose.Cells for C++ 16.12.0 has included many new features and enhancements that further improve the overall feature set of the API. Please check the detailed release notes in order to get an idea about what is new and what has been enhanced with this revision of Aspose.Cells for C++. If you are planning to upgrade the API from any previous version, we strongly suggest you check the Public API Changes section to know what has been changed since your current revision of the API.
December 27, 2016 · 4 min · Babar Raza

C++ Library to Create, Manipulate and Convert Excel Spreadsheets

We are pleased to announce that Aspose is going to introduce file format APIs for C++ platform. The Aspose.Cells for C++ is the first one under this platform and is a fine addition to Aspose.Cells Product Family. It will be a native C++ library that will allow the developers to create, manipulate and convert spreadsheets programmatically without requiring Office Automation or Microsoft Excel application. All of our experience of file formats APIs goes into this new platform to provide quality APIs which are native and can be used on different operating systems alike with high performance.
August 19, 2016 · 2 min · Babar Raza