Aspose.Report - Some advanced features for RDL element

As we know, most of business reports are not just based on a static SQL script, they will be varied by different situation such as field column or filter, our RDL element class model allow user to create their own data type and bind the data with our existed report element type. The following is the sample RDL script. January 5, 2005 · 1 min · GeorgeKahn

Aspose.Report - How RDL define the report layout

Inside the last post, I introduced how RDL deal with procedural flow and macro variables, the following is another sample that illuminates how RDL handle the report layout. December 28, 2004 · 2 min · GeorgeKahn

Aspose.Report - A unit test case for RDL element types

The following is RDL script used by one of unit test cases. December 26, 2004 · 2 min · GeorgeKahn

Aspose.Report - The brief introduction to RDL element class and interface model

I am currently working on RDL element class and interface model, here is the brief introduction. BaseElement - Base abstract RDL element class The BaseElement class is an abstract class for all of RDL elements; it provides three major functionality – Composite structure support, Serialize support, logging and debugging support. Composite structure support – considering the RDL is based on XML document, so every element is capable to hold the reference of its child elements.
December 19, 2004 · 3 min · GeorgeKahn

Aspose.Report - The module list for report tools

The following is the module list for upcoming report tools, the first release will include report build engine, visual report designer and data gather interface. Report build engine. The Report build engine could create and format a report based on a RDL (report definition language) script, RDL is an industry standard and a kind of extensible script, the different development tools vendor could add their own predefined syntax into it. Here is the brief introduction about which feature our RDL script will support.
December 7, 2004 · 4 min · GeorgeKahn